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TerraTrike Idler
- This "L" bracket is used to hold the idlers in place.
TerraTrike Idler
$13.99 - $19.95
Play it safe and have a spare or two on hand. Keep them in your seat bag along with the mini toolkit just in case you need to replace one during a ride. Idlers (see chart for trike compatibility): - Standard Idler: A single idler wheel with bearing and retaining ring. Two of these are used in the front and two are used in the rear. Our idler wheels are now made of delrin which is much more durable than the old urethane idlers. - Deluxe 10 Tooth Idler: The Deluxe Idler Wheel features an 10 toothed Cog and open holes to allow for a lighter product that is quieter and longer lasting. - Deluxe 13 Tooth Idler: The Deluxe Idler Wheel features an 13 toothed Cog and open holes to allow for a lighter product that is quieter and longer lasting. YOU CAN NOT MIX 13 TOOTH WITH OTHER IDLERS ON THE SAME IDLER BOLT! NOTE: Must be paired with another 13 tooth idler within idler set. Optional idler "L" mounting bracket sold seperately
TerraTrike Dual Control Brake Lever - Right Hand
Do you need to operate both brakes with one hand? Do you prefer to have no brake-steer? If you answered yes to either question, order this dual control brake lever, which is a single lever that actuates both brakes. Compatible with all TerraTrikes currently sold.
TerraTrike Extended Width Seat Wedge Cushion
The TerraTrike Seat Wedge Cushion may seem simple, but packs a big punch in the comfort category by creating a more bucketed feel to the lower seat. This is great for those that are in a very upright position, reducing any forward shift. It can also be used in the top of the seat for those hard-pedaling reclined riders that need help staying down in the seat. - Seat Wedge provides added support - Put it at the front edge for more of a "bucket seat" feel - Put it at the top for added support in the shoulder blade area - Or use it in both places - Closed cell foam easily slides into place - Extended width to fit our wide seat frames
TerraTrike Extended Width Seat Bag
At 135 cubic inches, the Seat Bag is a great catch all. This Extended width bag is designed to fit over the TerraTrike wide seat frames that come standard on all new Rover models and many older, retrofitted models (measure your seat). Fitting your cell phone, wallet, keys, bike tools and even a water bottle this simple to use bag will hold any odd and ends you want to take with you. As an added option it can hold a water bladder up to 1.5L. The bag slips over the back or bottom of the seat and can easily be removed and carried by the handle on the top. It provides excellent use of free space and will not interfere with the Head Rest, Rear Rack, trunk pack, or panniers. - Fits wide seat frames measuring 18-inches in width - Durable nylon material with zipper closure - Great for carrying essentials such as phone, wallet, keys, mini pump, tube, etc. - Convenient carry handle - Silver TerraTrike logo embroidered on the back - Reflective stripe for visibility
Sun Seeker Recumbent Basket
Rear cargo basket fits most two wheel and Delta style Sun Seeker recumbents. - Steel construction - Fits rear of EZ, ECO and X-Series seatbacks - Attaches to Cool Back sear frame and lower seat struts - Not for use on Tadpole style trikes
Sunlite Semi-Rigid Canopy
- EZ-1, EZ-Sport, EZ- Tandem, X1, X2, EZ- Tomahawk, EZ-3SX/AX, X3 SX/AX - Also fits Miami Sun Trikes with western saddle
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