K&G Service

K&G Service Overview

AT K&G, we take particular pride in servicing bikes in particular, but we also work on many other mechanical items such as wheelchairs

When you bring a bike in, we will look it over together with you. We will identify areas of the bike that need maintenance, and always strive to make sure that you get done what you want done, and only what you want done, within your budget. We are just as pleased to sell you a $14.99 tire as we are to sell you a $70.00 tire ... we want you to be confident that we are on your side.

Sometimes we can address an issue on the spot, but more typically we will have to open a service ticket and put it in line for work. Once in the queue, we service each bike in the order we received them.

There should be few surprises once we get into the project. If we discover issues that were not recognized when you dropped the bike off, we will call you before we tackle them to make sure you want us to take care of them, and you will always know what the revised cost will be.

Finally, when we repair your bike, we always ride it before delivering it back to you - that way, neither of us has an unwelcome surprise. 

Our service rates are competitive, and we are confident that we perform the best service in town.